ChatGPT voice from OpenAI is now accessible to all users for FREE

ChatGPT voices are going to be free on both Android and iOS platforms. ChatGPT voice from OpenAI is now accessible to all users.

In the middle of all the confusion, OpenAI has now made ChatGPT’s voice capability available to all users, enabling voice communication in place of text-based communication. The app’s iOS and Android versions have received an update from OpenAI that makes the ChatGPT voice functionality available to all users.

This news was supported on X by Greg Brockman, the former president and co-founder of OpenAI, who just joined Microsoft with Sam Altman. Brockman stated, “ChatGPT Voice rolled out for all free users.” Try it out; it completely transforms the ChatGPT experience.

The speech feature of ChatGPT is now accessible to all users, according to OpenAI. OpenAI began rolling out this functionality for free users on the Android and iOS versions of the app on November 22 after it was first released for paid customers back in September of this year. Using a voice assistant in place of text, users may converse and get responses thanks to the speech feature.

The official ChatGPT handle announced on social media platform X (previously Twitter) that “ChatGPT with voice is now available to all free users.” To initiate a conversation, download the app on your phone and tap the headphones symbol.

Twitter Tweet

OpenAI @OpenAI ChatGPT with voice is now available to all free users. Download the app on your phone and tap the headphones icon to start a conversation.

At the moment, ChatGPT provides Breeze, Ember, Juniper, Cove, and Sky as its five voice options. From the settings menu’s speech section, users can choose between these two voices.

Voice Assistant Options

The ChatGPT app offers voice assistant options that sound more human than those of other AI-enabled voice assistants. Nevertheless, there is a significant restriction with the free edition of ChatGPT, unlike Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

It won’t be able to provide information on news and current events because it can’t currently access real-time information.

The ChatGPT app’s free version is likewise based on the GPT 3.5 model, which has several limitations as well, particularly in comparison to the more modern GPT-4 Turbo, which costs $20 per month and was just made available to GPT Plus customers.

Chat GPT Paid Membership Service

But as of right moment, OpenAI has suspended the ChatGPT Plus membership service; the business states that this will change in the next few days, currently it has taken this measure, as it is running out of capacity to handle the needs of the users.

Along with Sam Altman, former president of OpenAI Greg Brockman just joined Microsoft. He shared the tweet and added a comment stating, “ChatGPT Voice rolled out for all free users.” Try it out; it completely transforms the ChatGPT experience.

Following his removal as chairman and Sam’s termination from OpenAI, Brockman just announced his resignation.

How to use ChatGPT voice feature

  • In the lower right corner of the chat window, tap the headphone symbol.
  • The voice assistant’s voice can then be chosen from the available selections by tapping the “Choose a Voice” button.
  • After choosing a voice, press the confirm button. (If necessary, you can alter the voice afterwards.)
  • Speak to the chatbot to initiate a dialogue or to respond to a voice prompt.
  • Voice transcriptions are available in the chat history using ChatGPT, but audio clips are not stored. The input language is also automatically detected by the function; however, for more accurate recognition, users may select a preferred language in the settings menu.


Q1. How do I get voice chat on GPT?

1. Go to
2. Sign in or register for a free ChatGPT account.
3. Press and hold the spacebar on your keyboard or click the microphone icon to enable voice control.
4. When asked, grant access to the microphone.

Q2. Is there a ChatGPT voice assistant?

Ans. – Voice is coming on iOS and Android (opt-in in your settings) and images will be available on all platforms

Q3. How much does ChatGPT 4 cost?

Ans. – $20 for a Month – While ChatGPT-3.5 is fine, ChatGPT-4 is even more intelligent and precise and costs $20 per month through ChatGPT Plus.

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