ChatGPT gets ‘Memory’ feature, can recall personalised interactions of Plus users – Here’s how the new memory feature works

For ChatGPT Plus members, OpenAI has unveiled a new feature known as “Memory” that enables the AI-powered chatbot to recall topics.

The AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI is receiving a new feature called “Memory” that lets it save the “things you discuss across all chats.” This will make all of your future chats easier because users won’t have to reshare their information with the chatbot.

OpenAI claims that users will have complete control over the memories that ChatGPT stores. This implies that you can specifically instruct the AI chatbot to remember or forget information. Additionally, there is a switch that allows you to disable the “Memory” feature.

How does ChatGPT’s Memory feature work?

You can ask ChatGPT to remember something during a conversation, or you can choose to have it save information from your chats automatically. Furthermore, according to OpenAI, the chatbot will improve as it retains more of your exchanges.

According to OpenAI, removing a chat won’t erase the memory connected to it, and “ChatGPT’s memories evolve with your interactions and aren’t linked to specific conversations.”
Open ChatGPT on the device of your choice, select Settings, click Personalization, and you will find the “Memory” option. Click that to turn off the feature. You can now proceed by turning off the switch.

You can either instruct ChatGPT to forget things, or you can remove memories from the “Manage Memory” option in the “Personalization” part of ChatGPT settings.

The tool, which was first revealed in February of this year, was only accessible to a small group of testers.

chat gpt plus new memory feature updated 2024

However, OpenAI has now declared that all ChatGPT Plus users, with the exception of those who reside in Europe and Korea, can now utilize it. Nevertheless, customers in these areas might be able to utilize a VPN to get around these limitations.

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The goal is for all future AI-related functions to function perfectly on-device rather being constantly online, which drastically lowers the possibility of privacy violations. That’s all in this “ChatGPT gets ‘Memory’ feature, can recall personalised interactions of Plus users – Here’s how the new memory feature works“.

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